Final Fantasy XIV Guide – The Gladiator Class Skills

Gladiators are a very strong class of warriors in Final Fantasy XIV. They are skilled in the use of one-handed bladed weapons and act as the tank class of the game. What that basically means is that they go into combat carrying a shield for defense and a one-handed bladed weapon like a knife or a sword for an offense. It is irrelevant whether the weapon the Gladiator chooses is single or double-edged, straight, or curved. The skills of the Gladiator help him in preparing himself for any sort of combat scenario and this Final Fantasy XIV Guide.

Being the tank class of Final Fantasy 14, the Gladiator takes the help of a shield to protect himself as well as the members of his party. He also has various ways of making an enemy attack him rather than his companions which will be explored in further detail in this Final Fantasy 14 Guide. If he so chooses, a Gladiator may also attack without his shield, focusing more on his sword-wielding skills. An expert with bladed weaponry, the Gladiator is highly proficient with throwing knives too.

The Gladiators have two basics attacks using a sword: the Light Slash and the Light Stab. The first deals slashing damage, whereas the second is used to inflict piercing damage. Additionally, they may employ their shields for an offense by using Shield Bash and inflict blunt damage which has a chance of interrupting spell casting. After this attack, the target will find himself unable to cast for several seconds.

FFXIV Gladiator Guide – Weapon Skills and Abilities of Gladiators

A Gladiator has the option of mastery of a large variety of weapon skills. According to Final Fantasy XIV Guide, the following are the skills available to this class:

Howling Vortex – This skill causes slashing damage along with a mighty howl from the Gladiator that increases the target’s casting time.

Circle Slash – This attack spins the sword and causes Area of Effect (AoE) damage to all nearby enemies.

Luminous Spire – This skill causes the Gladiator’s weapon to be imbued with astral power that gives its brilliance and reduces the target’s magic defense. It also blinds other enemies within range.

Phalanx – Using this skill, the Gladiator can attack the target from behind his shield and deal slashing damage and increase the enmity. However, this only works after a successful block of the enemy’s attack.

Red Lotus – Using the power of flame, the Gladiator increases his attack power and deals out Fire-type damage.

Spinstroke – The attack power increases while the enemy is not attacking the Gladiator.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide contains a list of the abilities that a Gladiator can possess in order to give him the advantage during fights. These are:

Ambidexterity – This skill causes the following action to cost half the stamina gauge by focusing on his off-hand.

Cadence – The Gladiator gains control of the pace of the battle and also increases the power of the following attack while in Battle Regimen mode.

Obsess – Giving full focus onto one enemy, the Gladiator reduces the defense of the target, but in the process also ends up lowering his own defense against other enemies.

Provoke – This skill is used to attract the attention of the enemy to the Gladiator and away from other companions. Enmity is increased by the use of this skill.

Rampart – The Gladiator sets up an increased defense and magical defense for his own protection.

Still Precision – The Gladiator increases his own accuracy by trying to keep steady, but also loses out on some evasion rate by doing this.

Aegis Boon – Using this skill, the gladiator recovers some HP every time he is attacked by blocking with his shield.

Cover – The Gladiator runs between an enemy and his companion to intercept the attack.

Guard – Using his shield, the Gladiator protects himself.

Clearly, the Gladiators have no dearth of weapon skills in this game and I hope I’ve been able to explain them adequately enough in this Final Fantasy XIV Guide. With this, I end this Final Fantasy 14 Guide and recommend that you check out our site given below for more information and FFXIV guide.