Playing Medic in TF2

Medics are one of the key support classes in Team Fortress 2. Anyone can play a medic but not everyone can play one greatly. If you’ve ever played on a team with bad medics, you can fully understand how frustrating this can be. A skilled medic will quickly earn the favor of his (or her) team as you are the one keeping everyone else alive.

Some players find medic a frustrating class as you often have to depend on other players to get kills for you and to help protect you in battle. This is why it’s very important to learn how to properly defend yourself. This is why the medic was given certain weapons and one of your tasks to become a skilled medic is to learn to use these weapons properly.

If you want to be a medic that your teammates can depend on to keep them alive and also have fun getting your own kills and pulling your weight on the team, these tips will help.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you become a skilled TF2 medic:

  • Learn how to properly use your weapons. The better you understand how they work and when they would be of the most useful, the better medic you can become.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you. This is very important because if you lose track of what’s going on when in a battle, you won’t be of many benefits to your teammates.
  • Know your priorities. As a medic, you are considered a support class. This means that your main job is to keep the other players alive so they can do the battling and take care of other important tasks. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of focusing on killing the enemy instead of healing your teammates.
  • Be aware that some members of the team can be more vocal than others so try not to lose track of the quiet ones; they need to be healed too. While it’s fun to play with a friend or clan member and heal them while they mow over the other team, it’s considered polite to heal other members of your team as well- not just those you know or those that are top of the scoreboard.
  • Remember to heal your fellow medics or ask to be healed when needed. This is beneficial to the whole team because it ensures there will be a medic available when needed. Even though medics have the ability to regenerate, this process can take too long when you’re in a battle and without the assistance of another medic, you may die before the process has time to be completed.
  • You can do a spy check by walking into a player. If you can walk right through them, they’re fine but if they block you, then you have a spy amongst your team. You can also try hitting them with your saw. Also, keep in mind that if someone on your team has a red health bar they cannot be a spy so they’re safe to heal.
  • Watch your back while healing the team. If you sit in the back of a large group, it’s easy to heal many teammates at once but this can also make you an easy spy target so keep a lookout behind you.

Use these tips and guidelines to help improve your skills and stay focused on your main priority and you’ll grow to be one of the best TF2 medics your team has ever known.