Halo is the Game That Never Could Have Been Shot Dead

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Halo 4 is expected to be the top-selling game for Microsoft this year. Reviews like that of mega-ulations like Halo 3 being the biggest selling game ever for a game franchise. Halo 4 is even being called the most anticipated “game of the year.”

Even with all the hype, it’s bending difficult for game publishers to actually come out and sell their own “legacy” games. That has only increased the sow rath of hype for Halo’s anticipated release.

Every once in a while a genius product comes along that has more value than the products that are rampaging across the gaming media. One example of this is the game/system/date/pod/whatever known as Fable. Fable (10th) is a world reboot and is really an achievement for the whole team at Microsoft. The game/system was based on an actual living world that was explored and that you could, in theory, change and play like yourself.

As with most living-world reboot/sequels, however, the first game had a big problem: it was extremely limited in what it could do. It could give you a whole new world to explore, sure, but you couldn’t actually explore anything. The firstFablegame was a huge letdown for fans, but with a few smart moves and a general understanding of what the game was all about, you could probably have a good experience with it.

The world. Fable 2 doesn’t entirely solve the problems of the original game. It still clings to the same linear experience, which is basically the perfect setup for a sandbox game. Sure, it’s more of a wish-fulfillment-type game where you explore the world and solve puzzles and defeat bad guys, but there’s still a very specific and focused experience that you’re going to want to play through. That’s not to say it’s a bad game — it’s definitely a game that will keep most players happy and entertained for hours and hours.

The art. Enough said. This game is overflowing with personality. And it’s funny that for a game that’s chock full of stylish, popping animations and delightful visuals, the art is probably the biggest talking point.

This is because, despite being full of facial and body expressions, the art is mostly solid. It’s not animated like the trailers indicated (and I’ll be Anatomy before I’m done) — there’s a very defined line between what is and what is not possible in terms of facial animation. But there is still some amazing animation in this game. Blood splashes and limbs fly and splash on the ground and it’s really quite phenomenal in how it is presented.

Of course, there is one downside to the facial animation — there’s no blood. But I think that, if you’re willing to put aside the technical details, you’ll be very surprised by just how much blood there is in the game. It’s an odd feeling, but there is a small amount of realism in the game if you want to put it that way.

The music is amazing, as well. It really does add a great dimension to the game, for those willing to sit and listen to a very epic and very sad song in a movie’s background. There is also a bit of a cover if you will. A cover of the Cognitive Yourself song “The Warning”. Just random thought…

I think that there’s going to be quite a large following for this game, based on the number of anticipation that’s already built. I’ve also read about a lot of negative feedback about this game, and some have even called it a demo, or with hidden messages. All of those suggestions aside, Halo 4 sure does live up to the hype.

The Campaign is about 30 hours long, and the Raids game mode puts you up against multiple locks (even use of the sunken city).

The Production of Halo 4

In an effort to improve the Halo 4 engine, and to make the game more cinematic, they’ve chosen to go with a cinematics developer.


This is a big part of Halo’s development and ultimately sets the whole “Halo Game” apart from games out there. The game is all about the story, and without the ability to tell a story, you don’t have much of a game to talk about.

What do you think? Are you excited about Halo 4? Do you think it’s going to be just like Halo 3?